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The MSP Corporation was established because of the need for a comprehensive, reliable and high standard management of properties and condominiums, and in order to provide quality service. It is focused on integrating all areas of maintenance under one professional body.

Buildings that were constructed during the past decade are characteristically very complex. It is necessary for a professional body to monitor their systems, to prevent break downs through daily maintenance, and to deal with potential malfunctions in a professional manner. Maltreatment and continuous neglect lead to far more serious conditions than avoiding problems through professional care by a skilled management company.

This is not to say that simpler buildings with less complex systems – which are usually older – do not also require professional maintenance.

Amateur maintenance – even when done in good faith, yet still with a lack of knowledge – may create damages that lead to big financial costs, resulting in a need for a management company to be responsible for the treatment and maintenance of all systems. It will identify faults and problems from the onset and will help minimize damages and prevent them reaching an enormous size.

The service of the management company not only saves time and avoids unnecessary detours, it also helps save money by avoiding situations that require large expenses. Because of the complex and in-depth maintenance that is a result of the consistent safeguarding, the management company cares for and preserves the building and its surroundings and prevents problems before they arise.

This dedicated maintenance ensures the property value and guarantees a pleasant living environment and quality of life for its residents.

The MSP Corporation provides management and maintenance services in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Givatayim.

Call now: 077-8841851

About us

MSP is a company that specializes in the management of various types of properties. It chooses to focus on a limited number of clients in order to be able to ensure a personalized service that is fast and focused on each clients individual needs.

This allows us the advantage of great flexibility when finding the appropriate solution for each clients’ specific needs.

The company’s uniqueness stems from its desire to improve the building to the farthest extent possible. This is accomplished by the consistent guidance provided to its customers, the level of professionalism and the expertise of the various service providers responsible for handling the building and its surroundings.

Our company chooses to work with buildings whose residents – and their representatives – will cooperate with us and seek a high standard of service. The type of customers to whom it is important that the building will be preserved with a welcoming and pleasant appearance, a clean and beautiful living environment, as well as a continuously high level of maintenance.

טלפון: 0778841851      פקס: 0774305099      כתובת: ריינס 37 תל-אביב מיקוד 6458728    
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